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Our Business

Our Business

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As an experienced partner, Scotchville Industrial Consortium provides both unbiased guidance and unprecedented knowledge of networking across industries. We utilize a lifecycle approach which includes: strategy, assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management to transform, and implement your ideas and achieve your objectives.

Here is what we do:

1. Training and Empowerment Programmes

2. Civil Works

3. Agribusiness and Ranching

4. Project Management

5. Conflict and Security Management

6. Environmental Management Services

7. General Contracts

Whether we collaborate with you regarding validation, project management, management consulting or whether we provide training within integrity and compliance, we always make sure to prepare you with the most precise systems, enabling you to generate and maintain a sustained competitive advantage.

Cooperation with us allows you to always deliver the highest quality and to always ensure that you are in compliance.

Plan your company’s success in collaboration with us.

Contact us for more details of our services.

For us, it is all about creating of value for clients (individuals or establishments) through the creative application of knowledge, techniques, principles, worthy information and assets to help improve performance

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