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At Scotchville Industrial Consortium, we pride ourselves on giving our clients more than they expect. If you have an architect, you have drawings and you’re ready to build, we’re here to get the job done. And we’ll deliver an exceptional project with a headache-free owner experience. We have the track record to prove it. If you need to make supplies of materials at competitive rates and on time, you need not to go any further, we have got you covered. Whether it is a negotiated or hard Naira or hard-dollar bid, we fully understand the bidding process and can offer solid numbers based on a clear understanding of job scope. You need a company that have personnel who are experienced and with sheer knowledge of modern information and communications technology (ICT), you need not to go any further, we have got you covered.

A strong team, the secret to our success

A General Contract Resilient Team

No two jobs are the same. Any company that does general contracting who worth their salt knows the success of any job relies on the team. The better the team, the better the job. That is why we work with the best. From coast to coast, we have the partners and relationships to assemble the right team for the job—an all-star cast hand selected to deliver your project. With seasoned, expert professionals working as project partners, we bring innovation to our process to save you time and money.

How can we build the strongest teams time and again? The answer lies in our company values. We believe in working partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and fairness. Our subcontractors are paid on time and treated fairly. And we have earned an industry-wide reputation as a proven, reliable partner. And we have honed our project management to efficiently and safely coordinate teams of subcontractors.

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