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As a national leader in security consultancy services, Scotchville’s highly trained and qualified experts could help you develop structures to protect your business, your people and your assets when and where you need us most. Whether in a high risk conflict zone or ordinary day-to-day operations, Scotchville’s security consultancy services are there to keep you safe. We work on behalf of our clients to manage reputation, enhance customer service, secure a safe workspace and allow employees, leaders and/or Governments to focus on improving daily operations.

Scotchville intends to further develop its capacity to analyse and manage risks and to improve security management. Part of Scotchville’s effort connected to strategic human resource management relates to the harsh reality that personnel of Scotchville have had to operate in with constantly changing and at times very volatile environments. This fact puts special demands on Scotchville as an organisation to be able to provide requisite training in security management at a local level.

Scotchville as an organisation has experience in the training of Ex-Militants and Ex-Combatants in the Niger Delta, and are equally experience in the Management of Conflicts and Grievances.

Understanding and acting on the effects that violent conflict and the state management and mitigation of violence have over electoral processes, constitution-making processes, political parties and representation is fundamental when engaging in policy debates or programming in contexts of state fragility, and in post-conflict countries.
A guiding principle from IDEA adopted by Scotchville

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