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The Scotchville Agribusiness focus is all about: better investments, stronger agribusinesses and shared success. As developing countries’ populations grow, demand for food will continue to rise disproportionately. Meeting this demand with available resources of land and water requires a focus on sustainable production and resource efficiency. Scotchville Industrial Consortium seeks commercially viable solutions and helps clients set benchmarks for responsible production in line with industry best practices. The initiatives we support enhance sustainability across the agribusiness value chain.

Our emphasis is exclusively on the Nigerian agribusiness sector. We adopt an integrated approach to deliver tailored capital solutions that meet the unique needs of companies and investment partners. Partnership with Scotchville Industrial Consortium Agribusiness Managers delivers significant benefits including quality financial and operational experience, strong developmental impact and access to a powerful network of global relationships.


Scotchville Model Ranch Gatehouse

It is in the public domain that Crop Farmers are increasingly abandoning their farmlands in droves for the fears of clashed with Herdsmen. This no doubt poses a real and present danger to food security needs. The Herdsmen too are finding it increasingly difficult to find pasture to feed their livestock as communities are also increasingly expressing opposition to their presence in their midst.

Scotchville Industrial Consortium pioneered a Ranch Model that has been approved by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria as a viable solution for the abatement of the internecine clashes between Crop Farmers and Herdsmen.

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